2021-2023: CD Castellon Football Director. On 2022-2023 season the team played the play-off for promotion to 2A division.
2020-2021: Spanish 3a division First Team Manager. Valencia CF Football Director ADVISER. FFCV (Valencia Football Federation) and RFEF (Spanish Football Federation) CONSULTANT. Spanish National Radio (RNE) Primera Liga games Commentator. Since 2000 have been a Spanish Premier League, Europe League and Champions League Media Commentator (TV, radio and newspaper).
2019-2020: Assistant Coach (ANALYST-SCOUT)-Spanish 2ª division Club.
2018-2019: Spanish 3ª division First team Manager.
2017-2018: B, A and PRO License course Teacher.
2017-2018: Spanish 3ª Division First Team Manager.
2016-2017: Spanish 3ª Division First Team Manager.
2016-2018: A and B License Course Teacher.
2015-2016: Spanish National TV Channel (RTVE) program Commentator.
2011-2013: Georgia Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs Adviser.
2011-2015: Sport and Youth Council of the city of Chiva (Valencia).
2008-2011: Director of Football Valencia CF and member of the board (Vice-president). Responsibilities: I was an essential part of the rebuilding of Valencia CF team after their serious economic crisis in 2008, identifying players at zero cost and rebuilding a team that qualified for the final stages of the Champion’s League. Players like Jeremy Mathieu, Sophiane Feghouli, Ricardo Costa, Soldado, Aduriz, Topal, Tino Costa, Chori Dominguez, etc., were signed by me. Deep knowledge of football and players market, from my experience as a top player and the liability incurred and deposited in different relevant sport positions.
2007-2008: Director of Sports for the Valencia Community (Generalitat Valenciana).
2006-2007: Director of Football at Alicante CF, reaching play-offs for promotion to 2A division.
2002-2005: Director of Football at CD Castellon, obtaining promotion to 2A division.

Player career

1999-2000: CD Castellón.
1998-1999: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.
1983-1998: Valencia CF.

1989-1992: Spanish National Team.

Finally I have an extensive experience in managing football clubs that even with budgetary constraints have achieved very positive sport results. Additionally, I have acquired a high experience as a conference speaker and since 2000 have been a Spanish Premier League, Europe League and Champions League Media Commentator (TV, radio and newspaper).



  • To train matching our playing model; offensive, defensive and transitions, making the players understand it, to apply in games what you practice in trainings.
  • We need to provide to the players some different alternatives in order that they chose, intelligently, the best option to solve the situation every moment. We must form intelligent players, with a lot of personality.
  • Collaboration and good effort from footballers at the creative and offensive level even must be higher than at the defensive level. Anyway and obviously, defensive side is always very important.
  • To defend is an attitude. If players know what to do, and they don’t do it, it will usually be for lack of attitude.
  • We defend pressing and pushing on the opposite players. We don’t get back to protect ourselves.

Football director


  • There are different players for different teams. We should match them sportively and economically.
  • There is no need to have the best players to have a very good team.
  • Let’s treat to analyse football players depending on our football conception, and of which it corresponds to the idiosyncrasy of the club.
  • Coaching department requires a clear, responsible and personal distribution of tasks. Sharing opinions and teamwork will bring the best results.
  • It will always be good to foster discrepancy. That will make us think better and to reflect on properly. To decide with much more criteria.
  • Personal knowledge of the players is primordial. To analyse their attitude, their statements, their behaviour in and off the pitch, etc.
  • And always remember that reaching the club’s objectives is the most important for clubs. Individually and collectively. And getting from the players the best possible performance, forgetting even their performance in their previous clubs.